are going out on their first date to eat at the famous "Fast and Furious Food Fair." The menu is shown below:

Speedy Cola $1.25 Buff Burger $1.95 Turbo Ice
Road Warrior Root Beer
Sticky Tire Smokin Cheese
Mud Splash Brownie
Turtle Wins Milk Shake
Tail Pipe Barbecue Chicken $2.15 Chocolate Covered Fries

ordered the following.

  1. one Speedy Cola
  2. one Turtle Shake
  3. two Tail Pipes
  4. one Mud Splash
  5. one Chocolate Covered Fries

The tax is 6%. What was the TOTAL cost of the meal and the tax? (When figuring the tax, round up to the next cent.)

They give the cashier a twenty dollar bill. How much change will they get back?


*NOTE: this is one of those "show and explain all of your work problems."















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