Practice Questions

Do each problem below and look for its answer(s) in the decoder grid at the end. Cross off every answer that you find. When you are finished, the letters that remain form the password to a TREASURE ROOM.
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1.) is building a deck around his circular pool. The deck is going to be 4 feet wide and will go the entire way around the pool. The pool has a diameter of 21 feet. A diagram, not drawn to scale, is below.

Find the area of the deck.


2.) goat Gertrude has been tied to the corner of the shed for the last week. Gertrude has eaten down all of the grass as far as she can reach on her nine foot long chain.

dad wants to replant this grass.

At the local farm supply store he finds bags that will cover 50 square feet. How many bags does he need to buy to get the job done?


3.) is the groundskeeper at the new Cats'R US theme park. He has designed an area in the shape of a cat's head to be planted in brightly colored flowers. See the diagram below.

If each bag of flower seeds covers an area of 12 square feet. How many bags will he need to do the job?


4.) loves her bicycle. She knows that her rear tire is 26 inches in diameter. Once a week she rides to her friend's house. Using a special revolution counting device, she determines that her wheel makes 10,877 revolutions on the trip to her friend's house.

If there are 63,360 inches in one mile, how many miles is it to her friend's house?

Round your answer to the nearest mile.


5.) wants to plant a garden. She wants the garden to have right angles and four sides. She has 36 yards of fencing to enclose the garden.

Make a table that lists all of the possible whole number dimensions, (in yards), that she could have for her garden. In your table make a column for the area generated by each set of dimensions.

State which set of dimensions will give the largest area for her garden.

6.) The art club at has been asked to paint a mural on all four walls of the cafeteria. They need a neutral base color to be painted as the background first. They will NOT be painting the ceiling or the floor.

The cafeteria floor is a rectangle and the walls are 18 feet high.

The art club can get one gallon of paint for $17.50, and that gallon will cover 400 square feet of wall.

How much will it cost to cover the walls with base color.

*Hints: Remember, you can't buy a fraction of a gallon. Also, even though there are windows and doors you will figure the paint amount without subtracting for those.


7.)The American Flag shown below has an area of 1326 square inches of material. Each stripe is two inches tall. What is the percentage of red cloth used in this flag?

Note: figure is not drawn to scale.


8.) Highland Park is shown below. It is a beautiful city park laid out in the shape of a trapezoid as shown in the diagram below. In its center it has a 230 foot diameter reflection pool where large orange fish silently dance.

Note: drawing is not to scale.

It is time to replace the grass sod in the park. The sod is sold for $1.75 per square foot. What is it going to cost to do the job?

9.) are swimming laps in the school pool. It's a rectangular pool with a length of 400 feet and a width of 300 feet.

is swimming the length of the pool and is swimming the diagonal of the pool.

How many laps does have to swim to swim a mile?

How many laps does have to swim to swim a mile?

(5280 feet = 1 mile)

*Note: a lap is one way - not a round trip.

Note: drawing not to scale.


10.) lives in where all of the East-West running blocks are 400 feet apart and all of the North-South running blocks are only 300 feet apart.

His usual route home from school includes a stop at the Pizza shop. Today, however, he does not have time to stop and eat, so he takes the shortcut shown below.

How much shorter is the shortcut than his usual route to the Pizza Shop and then home.

Round your answer to the nearest foot.



Above we see a diagram for the latest design in reconstructive gorilla shoes. These are safety devices worn over the gorilla's foot after denailing surgery.

What is the area of the shaded region. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a square inch.


12.) The volume of a wooden box is 15,000 cubic centimeters. If the length of the box is 30 cm and the width is 25 cm, what is the height of the box?

a.) 20 cm
b.) 18 cm
c.) 24 cm
d.) 22 cm


13.) The perimeter of a rectangular pool table is 20 feet. It is 7 feet long.

What is the area of the pool table's top surface?

a.) 140 square feet
b.) 17 square feet
c.) 70 square feet
d.) 21 square feet


14.) What is the surface area of a painted rectangular prism that is 8 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 6 inches tall?

a.) 180 square inches
b.) 240
c.) 118
d.) 236 inches squared


15.) What two solid figures have been glued together to make the figure below?

a.) One cone and one cylinder
b.) One triangular prism and one cylinder
c.) One square pyramid and one prism
d.) One cone and one prism

16.) If the shoe figure below is roatated 180° around point 'x', what figure shows its new position.

17.) A square called 'Mary' has an area that is nine times greater than the area of a square called 'Tim'. The lenths of the side of 'Tim' are 2 cm each. What are the lengths of the sides of 'Mary'?

a.) 6 cm
b.) 18 cm
c.) 8 cm
d.) 9 cm


18.) Which figure below illustrates a line segment?


19.) Where would you place point 'D' on the graph below to form rectangle ABCD?

a.) (2,-1)
b.) (-2,1)
c.) (1,-2)
d.) (-1, 2)

20.) A certain right triangle has a hypotenuse measuring 10 feet and one leg measuring 8 feet. Find the length of the missing leg.

a.) 6 feet
b.) 18 feet
c.) 36 feet
d.) 9 feet

21.) What is the measure of angle OWS?

a.) 80°
b.) 87°
c.) 90°
d.) 95°

22.) Which of the below best describes angle TOY?

a.) an acute angle
b.) and obtuse angle
c.) a straight angle
d.) a right angle


23.) The height of triangle CAT is one half the height of triangle DOG. Both triangles have the same base. What statement is true?


a.) The area of triangle CAT and triangle DOG is the same.

b.) The area of triangle CAT is twice the area of triangle DOG.

c.) The area of triangle CAT is one half the area of triangle DOG.

d.) The area of triangle CAT is one third the area of triangle DOG.

24.) Which figure below is the result of rotating the pictured oval 3/8 of a turn counterclockwise around point x?

25.) In a certain triangle named PIG angles P and G are each 60 degrees.
PI=2 inches and GI=2 inches.

Which statement below is false?

*It may help to draw triangle PIG first.


a.) PG = 2 inches
b.) angle PIG is 60 degrees
c.) triangle PIG is an obtuse triangle
d.) triangle PIG is an equilateral triangle

26.) Triangle CAT is congruent to triangle DOG below. Which of the following statements is true?


password letter
check off
560 , 634
3 1/2,
67 3/4
10 14/25, 13 1/5
630 , 791
8 , 9
9 , 9

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