Welcome to your Ultimate Pythagorean Theorem Test.

Open the nine clueboxes below. Solve the problems inside. Each successful solution will supply you with a clue to use in the decoder grid below.

When you have all nine clues, enter the password below. It will take you to the treasure.

Test your Pythagorean skills with these boxes.

(o) 11.0 (e) 30.8 (i) SQRT(65)
(s) 119.8 (o) 433 (b) 33.2
(r) 14.3 (n) 182 (g) SQRT(205)
(n) 3.6 (a) 54.7 (g) 3.3

When you know the password, click on the "Treasure Finder" link below and enter it in lowercase letters to claim your treasure!


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