6.) Since his multimedia class found that out of every 9 minutes, a television viewer is exposed to 2.5 minutes of commercial influencing, is concerned that his mind may not be his own, but in fact the property of some warped, advertising, gurus who are determined to make him buy clothes 5 times more expensive than they need to be and drink sugar laden liquids of various interstellar colors filled with enough caffeine to make him run around like a rat on heroine only to then need the lifesaving protection of waxy chemical deodorants so that he will smell attractive enough to gain the love of the sexiest babe in school.

estimates that he watches an average of 2 hours of TV per day. How many full hours of straight commercial influencing will this be in a year?

HINT: You will need to set up a proportion to find out how many minutes each day he see these commercials. Then set up a proportion to find how many minutes per year. Then set up a proportion to find how many hours per year.