4.) Zack's House of Bagels is running another gambling, promotional, game to try and boost sales. Let's see how it will work.

The customers are given two dice when they make their order. If they roll two even numbers, they get a FREE large drink valued at $1.15.
a.) What is the probability that a customer will get a free drink?
b.) If 384 people play the game at lunch time, how many free drinks will they probably have to give away?
c.) If the price of a large drink is $1.15, how much money will the store lose?
d.) If the game brings in an extra 32 people for lunch because they think they can get a free drink, and they spend and average of $5.32, how much extra money will the store make from these people?
e.) This gambling game seems to be generating more money even though they give away free drinks. How much more money is being made at lunch time even after they figure in the loss on the drinks?

f.) If this game runs for 30 days, and the results stay constant, how much extra income will be generated by the lunch crowd?