Aaron: (Hebrew) "light; high mountain"

Abner: (Hebrew) "of light; bright"

Abraham: (Hebrew) "father of many"

Ace: (Latin) "unity"

Adam: (Hebrew) "red earth; man of earth; first man"

Addison: (Anglo-Saxon) "Adam's descendant"

Adolfo: (Teutonic) "noble wolf"

Adonis: (Greek) "handsom"

Adrian: (Latin) "dark; from Adria"

Ahmed: (Arabic) "most highly praised"

Aidan: (Irish/Gaelic) "little fire"

Alan, Allen: (Celtic) "handsome; harmony"

Albert: (Teutonic) "noble and bright"

Alec: (Greek) "protector of men"

Alfred: (Anglo-Saxon) "wise as an elf"

Ambrose: (Greek) "belonging to the immortals"

Andrew: (Greek) "manly"

Angelo: (Greek) "saintly"

Angus: (Celtic) "exceptional; outstanding"

Anthony, Anton, Antonio: (Latin) "of inestimable worth"

Archibald, Archie, Archer: (Teutonic) "truly bold, bold archer"

Ari: (Hebrew) "lion"

Arlen: (Irish/Gaelic) "pledge"

Arlo: (Latin) "the barberry bush"

Arnold, Arnie, Arney: (Teutonic) "strong as an eagle"

Arsenio: (Greek) "virile, masculine"

Arthur: (Celtic) "strong as a rock"

Ashley: (Old English) "dweller at the ash-tree pool"

Aubrey: (Teutonic) "elf-ruler"

Austin: (Latin) "exaulted"

Avery: (Anglo-Saxon) "ruler of the elves"

Bailey: (Teutonic) "bailiff"

Baird: (Celtic) "the minstrel"

Barnaby, Barney: (Hebrew) "son of prophecy or consolation"

Barry: (Celtic) "spear"

Bartholowmew, Bart: (Hebrew) "son of the furrows, a farmer"

Basil: (Greek) "kingly"

Baxter: (Teutonic) "the baker"

Bayard: (French) "of the firey hair"

Beau: (French) "handsome"

Benjamin, Ben: (Hebrew) "son of my right hand"

Bentley: (Old English) "from the bent grass meadow"

Bernard, Barry: (Teutonic) "bear"

Bertram, Bertrand, Bert: (Old English) "bright raven"

Bevis: (Old French) "fair view"

Bill, Billy: (Teutonic) "determined protector"

Birney: (Old English) "dweller on the brook island"

Bjorn: (Scandanavian) "bear"

Blaine, Blane, Blayne: (Irish Gaelic) "thin lean"

Blake: (Old English) "dark; dark-complexioned"

Blaise, Blaze: "stammerer"

Bo: (Chinese) "the eldest brother, thriving, wealthy"

Bob, Bobby: (Teutonic) "of bright shining fame"

Boris: (Slavic) "a fighter"

Boyd: (Celtic) "light-haired"

Brad, Bradford, Bradley: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the broad ford"

Brandon, Brendan: (Celtic) "from the firey hill"

Brent: (Teutonic) "steep hill"

Brett: (French) "a native of Brittany"

Brian: (Celtic) "strong powerful"

Brice, Bryce: (Celtic) "ambitious"

Brock: (Celtic) "badger"

Bronson: (Old English) "son of the brown one"

Bruce: Scottish surname, Robert the Bruce, king of Scotland

Buck: (Old English) "buck deer"

Burgess: (Teutonic) "a townsman"

Byron: (French) "from the cottage; the bear"

Caesar, Cesar: (Latin) "born with long hair, leader"

Cal, Caleb, Calvin: (Hebrew) "bold; impetuous"

Callen: (Irish) "battle-mighty"

Cameron: (Celtic) "bent nose"

Campbell: (French) "from a bright field"

Carl, Charles, Chuck, Carlos: (Teutonic) "man"

Carroll: (Irish Gaelic) "champion"

Cary: (Old Welsh) "dweller at the castles"

Casey: (Celtic) "brave"

Cecil: (Latin) "blind"

Cedric: (Celtic) "chieftan"

Chad: (Old English) "warlike"

Charles, Chuck: (Teutonic) "man"

Charlton: (Anglo-Saxon) "of Charles' farm"

Chase: (Old French) "hunter"

Chauncey: (French) "official record keeper"

Chester, Chet: ( Latin) "of the fortified camp"

Chevy: (French) "horseman; knight"

Christopher, Chris, Kit, Kris, Kriss: (Greek) "Christbearer"

Clair, Claire: (Latin) "famous one"

Clancy: (Irish) "redheaded fighter"

Clarence: (Latin) "bright, shining, gentle"

Clark: (Latin) "scholarly"

Claud, Claude: (Latin) "lame"

Clay, Clayton: (Anglo-Saxon) "mortal man"

Clem, Clement: (Latin) "mild, kind, merciful"

Cliff, Clifford: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the ford near the cliff"

Clive: (Anglo-Saxon) "cliff"

Clyde: (Celtic) the Scottish river and surname

Cody: (Irish/English) "helpful"

Colin: (Celtic) "strong; yound and virile"

Colton: (Old English) "from the dark estate"

Conan: (Celtic) "intelligence"

Connor: (Irish) "hound lover"

Conrad: (Teutonic) "brave counsel"

Cooper: (Old English) "barrel maker"

Cordell: (French) "binding cord, rope"

Cornelius: (Latin) "battle horn"

Cory, Corydon: (Greek) "crested one"

Craig: (Celtic) "of the crag, stony hill"

Cruz: (Spanish) "cross"

Curt, Curtis, Kurt: (French) "courteous"

Cy, Cyrus: (Persian) "throne"

Dagwood: (Old English) "bright one's forest"

Dakota: (American Indian-Sioux) "alliance of friends"

Dale: (Teutonic) "valley dweller"

Dame, Daimon, Damian: (Greek) "tame; domesticated"

Dana, Dane: (Scandanavian) "a Dane"

Daniel: (Hebrew) "God is judge"

Darius, Darren, Darrell, Dorian: (persian) "a man of wealth"

Darrel: (Anglo-Saxon) "beloved"

Darwin: (English) "dweller near clear water"

David, Davis, Dewey: (Hebrew) "beloved"

Davin: (Scandanavian) "the bright man; bright Finn"

Dean: (Anglo-Saxon) "valley"

Dennis, Denis, Dennison, Denny, Denzel, Denzil, Dion, Deion: (Greek) "lover of fine wines"

Denver: (Old English) "dweller at the valley edge"

Derek, Derk, Derrick: (Teutonic) "ruler of the people"

Desmond: (Celtic) "worldly"

Devin, Devon: "an English place name"

Devlin: (Irish Gaelic) "fierce valor"

Dexter: (Latin) "right-handed"

Dick: (Teutonic) "powerful ruler"

Dillon: (Celtic) "faithful"

Dimitri: (Russian) "follower of Demeter, the Greek goddess"

Dolan: (Irish Gaelic) "black haired"

Dominic: (Latin) "the Lord's"

Donald: (Celtic) "ruler of the world"

Dooley: (Irish Gaelic) "dark hero"

Doran: (Greek) "the stranger"

Dory: (French) "golden-haired"

Douglas: (Celtic) "from the black stream"

Dover: (English) "from Dover"

Doyle: (Celtic) "the dark stranger; newcomer"

Drake: (Middle English) "owner of the Dragon Inn sign"

Druce: (Celtic) "wise man; capable and adept"

Duane: (Celtic) "son of the little dark one"

Dudley: (Anglo-Saxon) "a place"

Duff: (Irish Gaelic) "dark complexioned one"

Duke: (Latin) "leader"

Duncan: (Celtic) "warrior of dark skin"

Durwin: (Anglo-Saxon) "dear friend"

Dustin: (Teutonic) "strong-hearted leader"

Dwight: (Teutonic) "light"

Dylan: (Old Welsh) "from the sea"

Earl: (Anglo-Saxon) "noble man"

Eaton: (Anglo-Saxon) "of the river; riverside"

Eben: (Hebrew) "stone"

Ebenezer: (Hebrew) "stone of help"

Edan: (Celtic) "flame"

Eden: (Hebrew) "place of delight and pleasure"

Edgar: (Anglo-Saxon) "lucky spear; fortunate warrior"

Edison: (Old English) "Edward's son"

Edmund: (Anglo-Saxon) "fortunate; rich protector"

Edolf: (Old English) "prosperous wolf"

Edric: (Anglo-Saxon) "rich ruler"

Edward: (Anglo-Saxon) "prosperous gaurdian"

Edwin: (Anglo-Saxon) "wealthy friend"

Ehren: (Old German) "honorable one"

Eldon: (Teutonic) respected; older"

Eleazar: (Hebrew) "helped by God"

Eli: (Hebrew) "the highest"

Elijah: (Hebrew) "the Lord is God"

Eliot: (Hebrew) "the Lord is God"

Elisha: (Hebrew) "God, my salvation"

Elmer: (Anglo-Saxon) "noble; famous"

Elmo: (Greek) "friendly"

Elton: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the old farm; village"

Elivis: (Old Norse) "all wise"

Emil: (Teutonic) "industrious"

Ennis: (Irish Gaelic) "one choice"

Eric: (Teutonic) "kingly"

Erland: (Teutonic) "noble eagle"

Ernest: (Teutonic) "sincere; intent"

Ethan: (Hebrew) "steadfast"

Eugene: (Greek) "noble; well-born"

Eustace: (Greek) "fruitful"

Everard: (Teutonic) "mighty as a boar"

Ezekiel: (Hebrew) "God's strength"

Fabian: (Latin) "a Roman clan name"

Fairley: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the fair meadow"

Falconer: (Anglo-Saxon) "falcon hunter; trainer"

Felix: (Latin) "fortunate"

Ferris: (Celtic) "rock"

Filmore: (Old English) "very famous one"

Finn: (Irish Gaelic) "Fair-haired and -complexioned"

Fisher: (English) "fisherman"

Fleming: (Anglo-Saxon) "the Dutchman"

Fletcher: (French) "arrow maker"

Flint: (English) "rock; flint"

Forrest: (Teutonic) "from the woods"

Foster: (Teutonic) "forester; keeper of the preserve"

Fox: (English) "the fox"

Francis: (Latin) "from France"

Franklin: (Teutonic) "a free man"

Frazer: (Old English) "curly haired" (Old French) "strawberry"

Frederick: (Teutonic) "peaceful chieftain"

Freeman: (Anglo-Saxon) "one born free"

Fremont: (Old German) "free or noble protector"

Frick: (Old English) "bold man"

Gale: (Celtic) "lively"

Gallagher: (Irish Gaelic) "eager helper"

Galton: (Old English) "owner of a rented estate"

Galvin: (Celtic) "the sparrow"

Garett: (Welsh) "gentle"

Garfield: (Old English) "triangular field"

Garland: (from the spear land"

Garner: (Teutonic) "the defender; noble gaurdian"

Garnet: (Latin) "grain; red jewel"

Garth: (Anglo-Saxon) "gardener"

Gary: (Teutonic) "battle friend"

Geary: (Middle English) "changeable one"

Gerber: (Hebrew) "strong"

Geoffrey: (Teutonic) "God's peace; peace of the land"

George: (Greek) "farmer; tiller of the soil"

Gerald: (Teutonic) "mighty spearman"

Gerhard: (Teutonic) "hardy fighter"

Germaine: (Latin) "a German"

Gilmer: (Old English) "famous hostage"

Gilmore: (Irish Gaelic) "adherent of St. Mary"

Glen: (Celtic) "from the valley"

Gordon: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the cornered hill"

Graham: (Teutonic) "from the gray home"

Grant: (French) "grand"

Greg: (Greek) "vigilant"

Griffin: (Celtic) "red-haired"

Grover: (Anglo-Saxon) "grove-dweller"

Gus: (Celtic) "exceptional; outstanding"

Guy: (Teutonic) "lively"

Hagen: (Irish Gaelic) "little; young one"

Haines: (Teutonic) "from a vined cottage"

Halbert: (Old English) "brilliant hero"

Hamal: (Arabic) "lamb"

Hamilton: (French) "from the mountain hamlet"

Hamlet: (Old Franco-German) "little home"

Han: (Chinese) "male; self-restraint"

Hansel: (Scandinavian) "son of Hans"

Harod: (Hebrew) "the loud terror"

Harold: (Anglo-Saxon) "army commander"

Harper: (Old English) "harp player"

Harris: (Old English) "son of Henry/Harry"

Hayes: (Old English) "from the woods; the hunter"

Heath: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the vast wasteland"

Heathcliff: (Middle English) "from the Heath Cliff"

Hector: (Greek) "steady; unswerving"

Henry: (Teutonic) "home ruler"

Herbert: (Teutonic) "bright warrior"

Hilman: (English) "dweller on a hill"

Hiroshi: (Japanese) "peaceful; spacious; plentiful"

Hogan: (Irish Gaelic) "youth"

Holmes: (Middle English) "from the river islands"

Homer: (Greek) "pledge"

Horace: (Latin) "timekeeper"

Houston: (Anglo-Saxon) "from a mountain town"

Howard: (Teutonic) "chief guardian"

Hu: (Chinese) "tiger; amber"

Hudson: (English) "son of Hudde"

Humphery: (Teutonic) "a protector of the peace"

Hunter: (Old English) "the hunter"

Hurst: (Middle English) "dweller at the forest"

Hyde: (Old English) "from the acreage that supported one family"

Ian: "Scottish form of John"

Ichabod: (Hebrew) "the glory has departed"

Igor: (Russian) Ing's warrior"

Ira: (Hebrew) "watcher"

Irvin: (Anglo-Saxon) "sea friend"

Isaac: (Hebrew) "laughing"



Ishmail: (Hebrew) "God will heat"

Israel: (Hebrew) " the Lord's warrior; soldier"

Jaafar: (Arabic) "small river"

Jacob: (Hebrew) "the supplanter"

Jagger: (North English) "carter; teamster"

Jamal: (Arabic) "elegance; beauty"

James: (Hebrew) "the supplanter"

Janus: (Latin) "a gate; pasageway"

Jared: (Hebrew) "the descending; descendant"

Jarman: (Old German) "the German"

Jason: (Greek) "healer"

Jasper: (Persian) "teasure bringer"

Jay: (Anglo-Saxon) "the jaybird"

Jed: (Hebrew) "beloved by the Lord"

Jeffrey: (Teutonic) "God's peace; peace of the land"

Jeremiah: (Hebrew) "exalted by the Lord"

Jermaine: (Latin) "a German"

Jerome: (Greek) "holy"

Jerry: (Teutonic) "mighty spearman"

Jesse: (Hebrew) "God's gift; grace"

Jethro: (Hebrew) "outstanding; excellent"

Jim: (Hebrew) "the supplanter"

Jonas: (Hebrew) "dove"

Jonathan: (Hebrew) "gift of God"

Jordan: (Hebrew) "flowing down"

Joseph: (Hebrew) "he shall add"

Joshua: (Hebrew) "whom God has saved"

Josiah: (Hebrew) "he is healed by the Lord"

Judah: (Hebrew) "praise"

Julio: (Latin) "divinely youthful"

Justin: (Latin) "the just"

Kamal: (Arabic) "perfection"

Kane: (Celtic) "bright; radiant"

Karl: (German) "manly"

Keeley: (Irish Gaelic) "handsome"

Keenan: (Irish Gaelic) "little ancient one"

Keith: "a Scottish place name"

Kelvin: (Irish Gaelic) "from the narrow river"

Kennedy: (Celtic) "chief of the clan"

Kenneth: (Celtic) "handsome"

Kenya: (African) "artist"

Kermit: (Celtic) "free"

Kevin: (Celtic) "kind; gentle"

Kip: (North English) "dweller at the pointed hill"

Kirby: (Teutonic) "from the church village"

Kirk: (Scandinavian) "of the church; living close to the church"

Knox: (Old English) "from the hills"

Kyle: (Gaelic) "a narrow piece of land"

Lamar: (Old German) "land famous"

Lance: (Anglo-Saxon) "spear"

Lawrence: (Latin) "laurel; crowned with laurel"

Lee: (Anglo-Saxon) "meadow; sheltered"

Leif: (Old Norse) "beloved one"

Leith: (Scotch Gaelic) "wide river"

Leo: (Latin) "lion"

Leonard: (Teutonic) "brave as a lion"

Lester: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the army; camp"

Lewis: (Teutonic) "renowned in battle"

Lincoln: (Celtic) "from the place by the pool; river bank"

Lloyd: (Welsh) "gray; dark"

Lockhart: (Scottish) "a small enclosure"

Logan: (Scotch Gaelic) "little hollow"

Louis: (Teutonic) "renowned in battle"

Lucas: (Latin) "light"

Luther: (Teutonic) "renowned warrior"

Mac: (Celtic) "the son of"

Madison: (Teutonic) "mighty in battle"

Malcolm: (Celtic) "dove"

Malvin: (Celtic) "chief"

Mario: (Latin) "martial one"

Mark: (Latin) "belonging to Mars; a warrior"

Marley: (Old English) "from the lake meadow"

Marshall: (French) "farrier; caretaker of horses"

Martin: (Latin) "a form of Mark"

Matthew: (Hebrew) "God's gift"

Max: (Latin) "the greatest"

Maxwell, Max: (Anglo-Saxon) "Mack's well"

Maynard: (Anglo-Saxon) "mightily strong"

Mel: short form of names beginning Mel

Melvin, Melville, Melvil: (French) "a place"

Meredith: (Welsh) "Chief"

Micah: "a form of Michael biblical prophet"

Michael, Mike, Micael, Michal, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Miguel, Mischa, Mitch, Mitchell: (Hebrew) "Who is like God"

Miles: (Latin) "soldier"

Milo: (Latin) "miller"

Mohammad: (Arabic) "worthy of praise"

Monroe: (Celtic) "from the red swamp"

Montgomerey: (French) "mountain hunter"

Morgan: (Celtic) "from the sea; sea white"

Morrison: (Old English) "son of Maurice"

Moses: (Egyptian) "savior"

Muhammad: (Arabic) "worthy of praise"

Murphy: (Irish Gaelic) "sea warrior"

Murray: (Celtic) "settlement by the sea"

Napoleon: (German) "obscure"

Nathaniel: (Hebrew) "gift of God"

Neal: (Celtic) "champion"

Nelson: (Celtic) "son of Neal/Neil"

Nemo: (Greek) "from the glen"

Nero: (Italian) "black; dark"

Nester: (Greek) "venerable wisdom"

Newton: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the new estate"

Nicholas: (Greek) "victory of the people"

Nigel: (Latin) "dark; black"

Nino: (Spanish) "little boy"

Noah: (Hebrew) "rest; comfort; peace"

Norbert: (Teutonic) "sea brightness"

Norman: (Teutonic) "man from the North; of Normandy"

Odolf: (Old German) "wealthy wolf"

Oliver: (Latin) "olive; peace"

Omar: (Arabic) "who has a long life"

Oren: (Hebrew) "pine"

Orion: (Latin) "giant"

Oscar: (Anglo-Saxon) "divine spear"

Oswald: (Anglo-Saxon) "divine power"

Otis: (Teutonic) "wealthy; prosperous"

Owen: (Welsh) "wellborn"

Pablo: (Latin) "little"

Patrick: (Latin) "noble; patrician"

Paul: (Latin) "little"

Penn: (Old German) "comander"

Percy: (French) "valley piercer"

Perry: (Anglo-Saxon) "pear tree"

Peter: (Greek) " rock; stone"

Philbert: (Teutonic) "a radiant soul"

Philip: (Greek) "lover of horses"

Porter: (Latin) "gatekeeper"

Potter: (English) "a potter"

Preston: (Anglo-Saxon) "of the priest's place"

Quincy: (Latin) "from the fifth son's place"

Quintin: (Latin) "fifth"

Ralph: (Old English) "wolf counselor"

Ramsey: (Teutonic) "raven's island"

Randall: (Anglo-Saxon) "wolf counselor"

Rankin: (Old English) "little shield"

Raven: (English) "a bird's name meaning a recurring hero in mythology of Indian tribes of the Pacific North-west coast"

Ravi: (Sanskrit) "sun"

Raymond: (Teutonic) "wise protection"

Reed: (Old English) "red-haired"

Regan: (Celtic) "royal; king"

Reuben: (Hebrew) "behold a son"

Rex: (Latin) "king"

Reynold: (Old English) "mighty and powerful"

Richard: (Teutonic) "powerful ruler"

Rick: (Teutonic) "powerful ruler"

Ripely: (Old English) "dweller at the shouter's meadow"

Ritter: (North German) "a knight"

Robert: (Teutonic) "of bright, shining fame"

Rock: (Old english) "from the rock"

Rod: (Teutonic) "renowned ruler"

Rodney: (Teutonic) "renowned"

Roger: (Teutonic) "renowned spearman; famous warrior"

Roland: (Teutonic) "fame of the land"

Romeo: (Latin) "man from Rome"

Roosevelt: (Dutch) "rose field"

Roscoe: (Teutonic) "from the deer forest"

Ross: (Teutonic) "horse"

Roswell: (Teutonic) "mighty steed"

Roy: (Latin) "king"

Rudd: (Old English) "ruddy-complexioned"

Rudolph: (Teutonic) "famed wolf"

Rufus: (Latin) "red haired"

Russel: (Anglo-Saxon) "like a fox"

Rusty: (Old French) "red haired"

Ryan: (Irish Gaelic) "little king"

Sacha: (Russian) "protector of men"

Samson: (Hebrew) "sunllike"

Samuel: (Hebrew) "name of God"

Sancho: (Spanish) "truthful; sincere"

Santana: (Spanish) "Saint Anne/Anna"

Scott: (Latin) "a Scotsman"

Sean, Shawn: (Irish) "gift of God"

Sebastian: (Greek) "respected; reverenced"

Seger: (Old English) "sea-warrior"

Seth: (Hebrew) "chosen"

Seward: (Anglo-Saxon) "defender of the coast"

Shane: (Hebrew) "gift of God"

Sheldon: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the hill ledge; shelly valley"

Shelton: (Old English) "from the ledge town"

Shepley: (Anglo-Saxon) "of the sheep meadow"

Sherman: (Anglo-Saxon) "wool shearer; sheep cutter"

Sherwin: (Anglo-Saxon) "a true friend"

Shiloh: (Hebrew) "peace, abundance"

Sidney: (French) "a follower of Saint Denis"

Simon: (Hebrew) "to be heard"

Sinclair: (Latin) "saintly; shining light"

Skipp: (Old Norse) "ship owner"

Spark: (Middle English) "gay; gallent one"

Speed: (Old English) "success; prosperity"

Spencer: (French) "storekeeper; dispenser of provisions"

Stanley: (Slavonic) "pride of the camp"

Stein: (German) "stone"

Stephen: (Greek) "crown; garland"

Stewart: (Anglo-Saxon) "keeper of the estate"

Sullivan: (Irish Gaelic) "black eyed one"

Sumner: (Latin) "the summoner"

Sylvester: (Latin) "of the forest"

Taylor: (Latin) "the tailor"

Terence: (Latin) "tender"

Terry: (Latin) "tender"

Thane: (Old English) "warrior attendant"

Theodoric: (Teutonic) "the people's ruler"

Thomas: (Aramaic) "the twin"

Thor: (Scandinavian) "the thunderous one"

Thorne: (Old English) "dweller by the thorn tree"

Tilden: (Anglo-Saxon) "from a vertile valley"

Timothy: (Greek) "honoring god"

Titus: (Latin) "safe; saved"

Todd: (Latin) "the fox"

Travis: (Latin) "from the crossroad"

Trent: (Latin) "swift"

Trevor: (Celtic) "careful traveler"

Trigg: (Old Norse) "trusty one"

Troy: (Old French) "at the place of the curly-haired people"

Turner: (Latin) "woker with the lathe"

Tybalt: (Teutonic) "leader of the people"

Tyler: (Anglo-Saxon) "maker of tiles or bricks"

Tyrone: (Celtic) "Owen's land"

Tyson: (Teutonic) "son of the German"

Ulmer: (Old Norse) "famous wolf"

Ulysses: (Greek) "angry one; wrathful"

Upton: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the hill town"

Uriah: (Hebrew) "the Lord is my light"

Usher: (English) "door keeper"

Val: (Teutonic) "might; power"

Valentine: (Latin) "healthy; strong; valorous"

Vance: (Dutch) "the son of a famous family"

Vedder: (Dutch) "father"

Vernon: (Latin) "growing, flourishing"

Victor: (Latin) "the conqueror"

Wade: (Anglo-Saxon) "mover; wanderer"

Walfred: (Old German) "peaceful ruler"

Walker: (Anglo-Saxon) "forest walker"

Wallace: (Teutonic) "the Welshman; stranger"

Walter: (Teutonic) "powerful; mighty warrior"

Washington: (Old English) "from the estate of the keen one's family"

Wayne: (Teutonic) "wagon maker"

Webster: (Anglo-Saxon) "weaver"

Wesley: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the west meadow"

Wessel: (Teutonic) "from Wesel (Germany)"

Whitney: (Anglo-Saxon) "from a white island"

Wilbert, Wilber: (Teutonic) "bright pledge"

Wilfred: (Teutonic) "firm peacemaker"

William: (Teutonic) "determined protector"

Willis: (Teutonic) "son of William or William himself"

Wilmer: (Old German) "famous; resolute one"

Wilson: (Teutonic) "son of William"

Winslow: (Teutonic) "from the friendly hill"

Winston: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the friendly town"

Wolfe: (Teutonic) "a wolf"

Wolfgang: (Old German) "advancing wolf"

Woodrow: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the hedgerow in the wood"

Wycliff: (Old English) "form the white cliff"

Xavier: (Arabic) "bright"

Yoshi: (Japanese) "fine, splended"

Zachariah: (Hebrew) "the Lord's remembrance"

Zeke: (Hebrew) "God's strength"

Zeus: (Greek) "living one"

Zuriel: (Hebrew) "God; my rock"