Abby: short for Abigail, (Hebrew) "my father rejoices"

Ada: (Old English) "joyous"

Agatha: (Greek) "good"

(Greek) "pure"

Ailsa: (Teutonic) "girl of cheer"

Alberta: (Teutonic) "noble; bright"

Alethea: (Greek) "truth"

Alexandra: (Greek) "helper of humankind"

Ali: (Arabic) "greatest"

Alice: (Greek) "truth"

Aloha: (Hawaiian) "love; compassion; mercy; regards; to greet, bid farewell"

Althea: (Greek) "wholesome, healing"

Alva: (Latin) "fair one"

Alyssa: (Greek) "logical"; a flower name, alyssum

Alzena: (Arabic-Persian) "the woman"

Amber: (Arabic) the semiprecious gemstone made up of petrified resin and said to have magical healing properties

Amelia: (Teutonic) 'industrious"

Amy: (Latin) "beloved"

An: (Chinese) "peace"

Anastasia: (Greek) "resurrection"

Andrea: (Latin) "womanly"

Anemone: (Greek) "wind flower" According to Greek myth, anemones sprang from the passionate tears shed by Venus over the body of the slain Adonis. Also, a nymph named Anemone was transformed into a spring flower by the goddess Flora, enraged with jealousy because Anemone was loved by Zephyr, the gentle West Wind.

Angelica: "angelic; heavenly messenger"

Ann: (Hebrew) "full of grace, mercy, and prayer"

Anthea: (Greek) "like a flower"

Antoinette: (Latin) "priceless"

Aphrodite: (Greek) the beautiful goddess of love

April: (Latin) "to open"

Arcadia: (Spanish) "adventurous woman"

Aretha: (Greek) "virtuous ruler"

Ariel: (Hebrew) "lion of god"

Arizona: (American Indian) "little creeks"or "silver bearing"

Arlene: (Celtic) "pledge"

Ashley: (English) "meadow of ash trees"

Athena: (Greek) "wise; wisdom"

Audrey: (English) "strong, noble"

Augusta: (Latin) "majestic"

Aurora: (Latin) "dawn"

Aziza: (Arabic) "precious"

Barbara: (Greek) "the stranger"

Beatrice: (Latin) "she brings joy"

Bernice: (Greek) "she brings victory"

Bertha: (Teutonic) "shining; bright"

Beth: (Hebrew) "house of god"

Beverly: (Anglo-Saxon) "dweller at the beaver meadow"

Billie: (Old English) "determination"

Birdie: (English) "sweet little bird"

Blair: (Gaelic) "dweller on the plain"

Blanche: (French) "Fair; white"

Bliss: (Old English) "gladness; joy"

Blossom: (Old English) "fresh; lovely"

Bonita: (Spanish) "pretty"

Bonnie: (Middle English) "good"

Brandy: popular modern name, after the liquor.

Brenda: (Celtic) "firey"

Brenna: (Celtic) "maiden with black or raven hair"

Briana: (Gaelic) "strong"

Bridget: (Celtic) "mighty; strong"

Brittney: (Latin) "from Britain"; a region in northwestern France

Bronte: (Greek) "thunder"

Brooke: (English) "brook; stream"

Brunhilde: (Teutonic) "heroine on the battlefield"

Caitlin: an Irish form of Catherine

Caley: (Irish Gaelic) "thin, slender"

Cam: (Vietnamese) "the orange fruit"

Cameron: (Celtic) "bent nose"

Candy: (Latin) "pure; glowing fire-white"

Cari: (Turkish) "flows like water"

Carla: (Teutonic) "one who is strong"

Carol: (French) "joyous song"

Casey: (Irish Gaelic) "brave"

Cassidy: (Irish) "curly-haired"

Catherine: (Greek) "pure"

Celeste: (Latin) "heavenly"

Chan: (Chinese) "lovely; the moon"

Charity: (Latin) "charitable; loving"

Chasity: (Latin) "purity"

Cher: (French) "dear one"

Christine: (Greek) "fair Christian"

Clara: (Latin) "bright; shining"

Clarissa: (Latin-Greek) "one who will be famous"

Claudia: (Latin) "the lame"

Cleopatra: (Greek) "of a famous father"

Colleen: (Irish) "girl"

Connie: (Latin) "constancy"

Coral: (Greek) "from the sea"

Courage: a Puritan virtue name

Courtney: a French place name

Cynthia: (Greek) "moon"

Dakota: (American Indian) "alliance of friends"

Danielle: (Hebrew/French) "judged by god"

Dara: (Hebrew) "compassion"

Darcie: (French-Celtic) "from the stronghold; dark one"

Dawn: (Angelo-Saxon) "the break of day"

Deborah: (Hebrew) "the bee"

Desiree: (Latin-French) "desired"

Diana: (Roman) the goddess of the hunt and chaste goddess of the moon

Donna: (Italian) "lady"

Dorothy: (Greek) "God's gift"

Drusilla:(Greek) "soft-eyed"

Ebony: (Greek) "the rare, prized black wood"

Edith: (Teutonic) "rich gift"

Edna: (Hebrew) "rejuvenation"

Elga: (Slavic) "holy; consecrated"

Elizabeth: (Hebrew) "consecrated to god"

Elvira: (Spanish) "like an elf"

Emily: (Teutonic) "industrious"

Emma: (Teutonic) "one who heals"

Erica: (Scandinavian) "of royalty"

Erin: (Celtic) "girl from Ireland"

Esmeralda: (Greek/Spanish) "emerald"

Esther: (Hebrew) "a star"

Ethel: (Teutonic) "noble"

Eve: (Hebrew) "the first woman"

Evelyn: (Hebrew) "life, living"

Faith: (Latin) "trusting; faithful"

Fawn: (Old French) "young deer; reddish-brown"

Fay: (Old French) "fairy"

Felicia: (Latin) "happiness"

Fionna: (Celtic) "ivory skinned"

Genessa: (Hebrew) "origin"

Georgia: (Greek) farmer

Gladis: (Latin) "frail; delicate"

Gloria: (Latin) "glory"

Grace: (Latin) "graceful"

Griselda: (Teutonic) "the heroine"

Haley: (English) "hay meadow"

Hallie: (English) "from the hall"

Harriet: (Teutonic) "mistress of the home"

Heather: (Anglo-Saxon) an evergreen flowering plant

Heidi: (Teutonic) "battle maiden"

Helen: (Greek) "light"

Helga: (Teutonic) "holy"

Hilary: (Latin) "cheerful"

Holly: (Anglo-Saxon) "the holly tree"

Honey: (Anglo-Saxon) "the sweet one"

Hope: (Anglo-Saxon) "hope; optimism"

Ida: (Teutonic) "happy"

Inga: (Swedish) "Hero's daughter"

Irene: (Greek) "peace"

Iris: (Greek) "rainbow"

Isabel: (Hebrew/Spanish) "consecrated to god"

Ivory: (Latin) "made of ivory"

Jane: (Hebrew) "god's gracious gift"

Jasmine: (Persian) "fragrant flower"

Jenna: (Arabic) "a small bird"

Jennifer: (Welsh) "white; fair"

Jessica: (Hebrew) "rich; grace of god"

Jewel: (Latin) "a precious stone"

Jocelyn: (Latin) "fair; just"

Jolie: (French) "pretty"

Jordan: (Hebrew) "flowering down"

Josephine: (Hebrew) "she shall add"

Joy: (Latin) "joyful"

Judith: (Hebrew) "admired; praised"

Juliet: (Greek) "youthful"

June: (Latin) "truth; obedient"

Justine: (Latin) "the just"

Kachina: (American Indian) "sacred dancer"

Kala: (Kah-la) "black; one of the names of the Hindu god Siva"

Kamaria: (African) "moon-like"

Karma: (Sanskrit) "destiny"

Katherine: (Greek) "pure"

Kazu: (Japanese) "peace"

Keely: (Irish/Gaelic) "beautiful one"

Keiko: (Kay-Kee) (Japanese) "blessed child; joyous child"

Keira: (Irish/ Gaelic) "little dark one"

Kelly: (Irish/Gaelic) "warrior"

Kelsey: (Teutonic) "from the water"

Kenya: (African) "artist"

Kerry: (Irish/Gaelic) "dark one"

Kim: (Vietnamese) "gold"

Kimberly: (Old English)
from the royal fortress meadow"

Kirby: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the church town"

Kora: (Greek) "maiden"

Kyna: (Irish/Gaelic) "intelligence; wisdom"

Kyra: (Greek) "lord"

Lala: (Slavic) "the tulip"

Lane: (Middle English) "from the narrow road"

Lara: (Latin) "well-known"

Laura: (Latin) "the laurel"

Laverne: (French) "from the grove of alder trees"

Leah: (Hebrew) "the weary"

Lee: (Anglo-Saxon) "meadow" (Chinese) "plum"

Leila: (Arabic) "black; dark as night"

Lesley: (Celtic) "from the gray fort"

Levana: (Latin) "the Roman goddess; protector of children"

Lewanna: (Hebrew) "the beaming white one; the moon"

Li Chen: (Chinese) "beautiful treasure"

Lila: (Persian) "lilac"

Lilac: (Persian) "a bluish color"

Lilith: (East Semitic) "belonging to the night"

Lillian: (Latin) "a lily"

Linda: (Spanish) "beautiful"

Lindsey: (Old English) "from the linden tree island"

Lisa: (Hebrew) "consecrated to god"

Lois: (Greek) "battle maiden"

Lola: (Spanish) "strong woman"

Lucy: (Latin) "light"

Ludella: (Old English) "famous elf"

Luella: (Latin) "the appeaser"

Lulu: (Arabic) "pearl"

Luna: (Latin) "moon"

Lynn: (Old English) "waterfall"

Lysandra: (Greek) "liberator of men"

Madeleine: (English/French) "woman of Magdala"

Madison: (Teutonic) "mighty in battle"

Madonna: (Latin) "my lady"

Maia: (French) "May"

Mallory: (Latin) "luckless"

Marcia: (Latin) "of Mars; warlike"

Margaret: (Greek) "a pearl"

Marigolde: (Anglo-Saxon) "the marigold flower; used to resemble Virgin Mary"

Marilla: (Hebrew) "Mary of the fine maid"

Marilyn: (Hebrew) "bitter"

Marisa: (Latin) "sea star"

Martha: (Aramaic) "lady"

Mary: (Hebrew) "bitter"

Maurita: (Latin) "little dark girl"

Maxine: (Latin) "greatest"

Maya: (Spanish) "May" (Hindustani) "illusion" (Sanskrit) "art and wisdom of supernatural power"

Megan: (Celtic) "the strong"

Melissa: (Greek) "honeybee"

Mercedes: (Spanish) "merciful"

Michelle: (Hebrew) "Who is like god?"

Mimi: (Hebrew) "bitter"

Mira: (Latin) "wonderful one"

Miranda: (Latin) "to be admired"

Molly: (Hebrew) "bitter"

Monica: (Latin) "the adviser"

Morela: (Polish) "peach"

Myrtle: (Greek) "a plant name"

Naomi: (Hebrew) "sweet; pleasant"

Natalie: (Latin) "child of Christmas"

Nevada: (Spanish) "white as snow"

Nicole: (Greek) "victory of the people"

Nina: (Spanish) "girl"

Ninita: (Spanish) "little girl"

Noel: (Latin) "a Christmas child"

Nona: (Latin) "ninth-born"

Norma: (Latin) "the model"

Odessa: (Greek) "long journey"

Olga: (Russian) "holy"

Olive: (Latin) "the olive tree"

Onyx: "a jewel name"

Oprah: (Hebrew) "young deer"

Paige: (Anglo-Saxon) "child; young"

Pamela: "loving; kind"

Pandora: (Greek) "all-gifted"

Patience: (Latin) "patient"

Patricia: (Latin) "of the nobility; wellborn"

Paula: (Latin) "little"

Petula: (Latin) "saucy one"

Philippa: (Greek) "lover of horses"

Phoebe: (Greek) "the wise shining one"

Polly: (Hebrew) "bitter"

Prudence: (Latin) "the prudent; cautious"

Prunella: (French) "plum tree"

Quinn: (Gaelic) "wise and intelligent"

Rachel: (Hebrew) "naive and innocent; like a lamb"

Ramona: (Tuetonic) "protector"

Rebecca: (Hebrew) "the captivator"

Reed: (English) "red haired"

Regina: (Latin) "queen"

Rita: (Greek) "pearl"

Roberta: (Anglo-Saxon) "of shining flame"

Rose: (Latin) "a rose"

Rosemary: (Latin) "Mary's rose"

Roxanne: (Persian) "dawn"

Ruby: (Latin) "a jewel"

Ruth: (Hebrew) "a beautiful friend"

Sable: (Slavic) "black; a valuable fur"

Sabrina: (Anglo-Saxon) "a princess"

Sage: (English/French) "wise one"

Sahara: (Arabic) "wilderness" (Hebrew) "moon"

Salem: (Arabic) "complete, perfect peace"

Sally: (Hebrew) "princess"

Samantha: (Hebrew)"name of god"

Sapphire: (Greek) "a jewel"

Sarah: (Hebrew) "princess"

Selma: (Celtic) "the fair"

Semira: (Hebrew) "the height of the heavens"

Serena: (Latin) "tranquil"

Shaina: (Hebrew) "beautiful"

Shana: (Irish) "wise"

Shani: (Hebrew) "scarlet; crimson"

Shannon: (Irish.Gaelic) "referring to the longest river in Ireland"

Shirley: (Anglo-Saxon) "from the white meadow"

Sierra: (Latin) "saw-toothed mountain"

Sophie/Sophia: (Greek) "wisdom"

Storm: (Old English) "a tempest or storm"

Summer: (English) "summer"

Sunny: (English) "bright; genial"

Susan: (Hebrew) "a lily"

Sybil: (Greek) "the prophetess"

Sydney: (Hebrew) "the enticer"

Sylvia: (Latin) "forest maiden"

Tabitha: (Armaic) "the gazelle"

Taffy: (Welsh) ""beloved"

Tamara: (Hebrew) "the palm tree"

Tansy: (Middle Latin) "tenacious one"

Tara: (Celtic) "tower"

Teresa: (Greek) "the harvester"

Terra: (Latin) "the earth"

Thelma: (Greek) "nursing"

Thora: (Teutonic) "thunder"

Tiara: (Latin) "headdress"

Tiffany: (Greek) "appearance"

Tori: (Scottish/English) "victorous"

Trista: (Latin) "woman of sadness"

Tyra: (Scandinavian) "of Tyr, god of battle"

Uda: (Old German) "prosperous one"

Ula: (Celtic) "sea jewel"

Ulva: (Gothic) "wolf"

Uria: (Hebrew) "light of god"

Ursula: (Latin) "she bear"

Valentina: (Latin) "the vigorous and strong"

Vega: (Arabic) "the falling one"

Venus: (Latin) "loveliness"

Veronica: (Latin) "true image"

Victoria: (Latin) "the victorious one"

Vilma: (Russian) "protector"

Viginia: (Latin) "maidenly; pure"

Vivian: (Latin) "lovely; full of life"

Wanda: (Teutonic) "the wanderer"

Whitney: (English) "fair island"

Wilma: (Teutonic) "protectress"

Winona: (American Indian) "the first born"

Xena: (Greek) "hospitable"

Xylia: (Greek) "of the wood"

Xyloma: (Greek) "from the forest"

Yafa: (Hebrew) "lovely"

Yancey: (French) "Englishman"

Yetta: (Teutonic) "mistress of the house"

Yoko: (Japanese) "sun, child"

Yuki: (Japanese) "snow, happiness"

Yvonne: (French) "the archer"

Zabrina: (Anglo-Saxon) "of the nobility"

Zada: (Arabic) "lucky one"

Zara: (Hebrew) "dawn"

Zilla: (Hebrew) "shadow"

Zipporah: (Hebrew) "bird"

Zita: (Italian) "child"

Zoe: (Greek) "life"

Zoebelle: (Greek) "beautiful life"

Zona: (Latin) "a girdle"

Zora: (Latin) "dawn"